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August 22, 2014filed in Children, Families

Cottage Life

Each year around this time, I find myself reflecting on the good times my family has enjoyed together over the summer months. My memories invariably center around the days we spend at the cottage, where we feel closest as a family. 
There are no phones or computers at the cottage. There are no distractions or demands at the cottage. There is only us and the beautiful quiet. 
The kids spend long days reading, swimming, fishing, and kayaking. Forgotten toys are rediscovered and board games take center stage on the living room table once again. 
And there is just more of everything that is good in life. More time, more laughs, more snuggles, more naps. 
Wherever you find yourself in the coming weeks, I hope you enjoy every delicious golden summer moment. 
That is exactly what I plan to do, too. 
A child enjoys quiet playtime at a lakeside cottage in Michigan

A child swims in a lake in Michigan

A Michigan lakeside cottage is the perfect place to relax and dip your feet in the water

Children read and play in a Michigan cottage

Three children play in a Michigan lake

Two children paddle a kayak in a Michigan lake

A majestic swan swims in a Michigan lake

A chocolate labrador dog relaxes on the deck of a boat on a Michigan lake

Two girls fish from the dock of a Michigan lakeside cottage

A father and daughter snuggle on a boat

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