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December 18, 2013filed in Parents, Style

How to Dress for the Holidays: A Photographer's Guide

What to wear for the holidays? Of course you want to look your festive best both at the party and in the snapshots that live on after the event. Follow these simple tricks for a look that flatters, whether in person or in posts. 
SHINE is your friend. Not only does it look great in photos, it adds a radiance to your face that cannot be beat. Shine on. 
PATTERN, on the other hand, is not your friend - at least when it comes to photos. If you simply love pattern and cannot live without it, try a scarf for a small dose of pattern and a whole lot of interest where it matters - near your face. 
COLOR makes you look beautiful when chosen well. I always advise clients to stick with neutrals and metallics, which are especially fabulous for the holidays. The traditional holiday colors of red and green are both tricky to wear well in photos for many. Red is particularly problematic for some, leaving them either washed out or quite rosy (especially after a glass of wine or two!). 
ACCENTS are the cherry on top of your beautiful holiday look. Jewelry wearers should follow the advice of Coco Chanel and remove one accessory before heading out the door. An accent piece in a photo is lovely, but too much jewelry can be distracting. With makeup, the rule of thumb is just the opposite. If you wear makeup, I suggest wearing just slightly more than usual. What might feel heavy for every day does not appear that way in photos. It wakes up the face a bit. One caveat is moisturizers and foundations containing SPF. Avoid these if possible when you will be photographed with a flash since it reflects the light back leaving you looking a bit bleached out. 
What's most important of all? Wear what you love. Even if it's red. And green. And wildly patterned all over. And crazy with beads and spangles and bows. After all, when you wear what you love, it shows in your smile. And there's no better look in a photo than a beautiful, genuinely radiant smile. 
For more inspiration and ideas, check out my Dressing for Holiday Parties board on Pinterest
Happy holidays everyone! 
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